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Stephanie Tejada the self proclaimed "New Queen Of Comedy" was born in Orlando, FL at Orlando Naval Hospital on July 7th from her Puerto Rican mother & Guatemalan father . Her fiery & passionate drive would lead to her love of entertainment and the arts. Raised in the Bronx , she first debuted as an entertainment host for NY based tv series "Signature Hits". Stephanie relocated to Vegas where she followed her passion for dance and modeling. Stephanie has appeared and is now coined a published model in magazines such as: Low Rider, Black Mens, 86 Blvd, and Show Magazine. Expansion for her work has always been her goal ,with influences such as: Lucille Ball,Jerry Lewis, Jim Carey, Will Ferrell, and  Audrey Hepburn comedy has always been her passion.With big aspirations to appear on shows such as  NBCs Saturday Night Live, Stephanie relocated to California to pursue a career in comedy . In 2016 Stephanie Tejada was given the opportunity to join the cast of Oxygen Networks’ hit Reality Tv show Bad Girls Club: Social Disruption Season 16. With her infectious personality Stephanie became the highlight in addition to favorite among her peers creating a positive experience broadcast nationally for millions of viewers to fall in love with. Entertainment and Arts are not the only drives for this Latina sweetheart, community outreach plays a pivotal role in her personal life. With the platform Stephanie exudes she has future plans to open a shelter for animals that need love and care, the shelter will provide assistance and relief to properly care for animals of those individuals and families that do not have the available resources which will further catapult unity within the community. Stephanie Tejada has overcome many obstacles and insecurities in the entertainment industry. She wants to continue showing the world that belief and staying true to yourself in this competitive industry is the key to unlocking the door to success.


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’M possible.”- Audrey Hepburn

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